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New Video Series: Nice Card Mean Card

Hi there! The all purpose quick wave of the flag that the new video series Nice Card Mean Card: How Nice Men and Good Women Can Win at Relationships is out. 36 short videos, coming to just under four hours of total video. You can watch the first few videos for free on Vimeo. We […]

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Three Monkeys Monday #3

Hi this is Athol, and this is Three Monkeys Monday number three on February 15, 2016. The truth is, this week I really struggled. I pretty much like doing the whole exercise thing outside, getting lots of walking in. This week it’s been as cold as 0F, which if you’re in the rest of the […]

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Three Monkeys Monday #2

Hi there, this is Athol and this is Three Monkeys Monday for February 8, 2016. (I got the month right this time!) Last week I had three things I wanted to do: I wanted to check on my Draft2Digital stuff, I wanted to focus on exercising, and I wanted to do some scripting. The first […]

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Three Monkeys Monday #1

  Hi there, this is Athol and this is Three Monkeys Monday. These are the episodes where I’m going to be talking primarily about myself. I’m not going to be trying to look to teach anything or impart any great new information. These episodes of Three Monkeys Monday are really about focusing on myself, what […]

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Stop Being the Amazing Butler Chumpdaddy

    I ran into a situation with one of my coaching clients, and I’ve seen this now a few times, where you’ve realized that you’re late to the party with the family structure and organization being chaotic. You do that thing where you go to work and you come home and the kids are […]

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Why One Dimensional Marriage Coaching Fails and Three Dimensional Succeeds

Most people who come to me, read my books, or watch the videos are looking for specific advice for a specific problem. They come in saying their relationship is at the bottom of the scale, and they want to get their relationship up a few levels. They have a specific problem and it exists only […]