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Three Monkeys Monday

Three Monkeys Monday 2-20-17

Hi there, this is Athol with a Three Monkeys Monday video, talking about what I’m up to, my three planned goals for the week coming up and how I did for the last week. And if you can kind of guess by the sound of my voice, I’m a little bit hoarse as just flu […]

Shaytards Cheating Explained

Another Daily Vlogger Breakdown: Shaytards Cheating Explained

Hi there, my name is Athol and in this episode I’m going to talk about the shock, the horror, the outrage, the social media drama when a good guy or supposedly good guy gets revealed as doing something sexually inappropriate. I’m talking about in particular the whole blowing up in social media in the last […]

husband read your book

How Can I Get My Husband to Read Your Book?

Hi there, this is Athol and this is an episode of Ask Athol Anything. Let’s just jump to the question. Today’s question is, “How can I get my husband to read your book?”  The book the lady in question is referring to is The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 which is about how guys can […]

Three Monkeys Monday 001

Three Monkeys Monday

Hi there, this is Athol with a Three Monkeys Monday video where I talk about what I’m up to, what I’m thinking about and what my plans are for the coming week. The “Three Monkeys” being my three planned task goals that I’m going to try and get done this week, or just the three […]

why mean to themselves

Why Are People Mean to Themselves?

  Let’s jump to today’s question. “Where does being mean to yourself come from? Why do people treat themselves badly and what makes them dig themselves out of that hole?” Treating yourself badly is one of the natural outpourings of low self-esteem. Where and why low self-esteem happens can be for dozens of different reasons, […]

Wife Moved Out

Wife Moved Out. How to Get Her Back?

  Hi there, my name is Athol and this Ask Athol Anything where I answer your questions about love, sex, happiness and anything. Let’s jump to it. This is a long question so I’m going to cut it down slightly for time. Essentially the guy has read my first book, The Married Man Sex Life […]