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Ask Athol Anything: How Do I Appreciate My Sentimental Husband?

  Today’s question: “I’ve been married and divorced four times. I’m quite a feminine woman, yet very Alpha (not in an emasculating way to my boyfriend, though). The trouble is he’s very sentimental, I’m not. How can I make him feel that I appreciate his sentimental gestures although I’m not a warm and fuzzy type […]


Ask Athol Anything: Will Buying a Big House Make My Wife Happy?

  The Question: “Things have been much better here thanks to you. Things are slowly building well. We are renting a house after a short sale a few years ago and we’re ready to buy again. How important is a nicer home to a wife? Is it better to stretch a bit on the home […]

Ask Athol Anything: 24F With 37M Why Won’t He Marry Me?

  The question: “Hello. Hope ur doing well. I really need ur help. I really in deeply love a guy whose age is 37. My age is 24 and I want to get merry him but he not agree coz of our age gap. He said if I get merry you people laugh at me. […]

Ask Athol Anything: Do Mean People Know They Enjoy Being Mean?

Want to Ask Athol Anything?  Email at AskAtholAnything@gmail.com This is in reference to a video series that I put out called Nice Card Mean Card, where one of the final things I said in one of the final episodes was that I really don’t see the world as divided up into vertical groups where there’s […]

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Late Night Relationship Talks are Designed to Wear You Down

I have one really simple piece of advice today. Don’t have deep relationship talks, arguments or debates that go past 11pm. Once you go past 11 at night, everyone gets tired and cranky, it’s harder to pay attention to what is going on, people get worn down and the relationship talks typically go nowhere. It’s almost […]