#30 Six Links of The Chain of Seduction

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol and this is The Chain of Seduction.

In yesterday’s episode I talked about the Three Love Systems. The general libido Love System caused by testosterone and estrogen, the pair bonding Love System caused by oxytocin and vasopressin, and the “in-love” attraction Love System created primarily by dopamine. We have these three Love Systems in our body creating these thoughts, feelings and emotions for our partner, and it’s the same in other people feeling them for us.

The Chain of Seduction attempts to hijack the Love Systems by modeling the behavior that’s going to cause these three Love Systems to trigger in our partner. So they’ll start to love us, to like us, to care about us more. That may sound manipulative, but if we act like someone they’ll want to be with… they’re going to want to be with us.

So now we’re moving into the six links in the Chain of Seduction proper. The first link is the Physical, then AttractionRelationship ComfortEnergyInitiation and finally Consummation. So those are the six links.

In the next episode I’ll show you why exactly they come in that precise order, but for this one I want to make clear how each of those six links are connected to the Three Love Systems.

The first three links, Physical, Attraction, Comfort, are all displays of, in a sense advertising to other people, that you’re pretty good at having these three Love Systems.The Physical link translates to the general Libido, testosterone and estrogen. The Attraction link in the Chain of Seduction translates to the “in-love” Attraction Love System, so dopamine. The Relationship Comfort link translates to that sense of pair bonding, oxytocin and vasopressin. So the first three links in the chain are displays, generalized displays that you’re pretty good at the Three Love Systems. You’re displaying that to other people. This is your all purpose advertisement that you have it.

If the first three are advertisements, the second three are applications. Instead of being general displays, Energy, Initiation and Consummation are focused on your partner in specific with the individual interactions or situations you’re in together. The Energy link in the Chain of Seduction translates to the Pair Bonding one. The Initiation link in the Chain of Seduction translates to that “in-love” high dopamine, high attraction love system. And finally the Consummation link is tied to the testosterone and estrogen of generalized Libido.


Advertisements and Displays

(1) Physical – Testosterone and Estrogen

(2) Attraction – Dopamine

(3) Comfort – Oxytocin and Vasopressin


Applications and Delivery

(4) Energy – Oxytocin and Vasopressin

(5) Initiation – Dopamine

(6) Consummation – Testosterone and Estrogen


Now I know this is a concept heavy episode, and in the next one I’m going to go through the six links in the Chain of Seduction like you were meeting someone for the first time. That way you can see exactly how each step works, and why each step is in the order that it is in. For now what I want you to take away from this video is the first three links in the Chain of Seduction are really just generalized displays, not just to your partner but to everyone around you, that you have some kind of high value. You are displaying your physical fitness to everyone. You are displaying your high level of attractiveness and how interesting you are and how appealing you are to everyone. And the Relationship Comfort link you are basically displaying to everyone that you’re a reasonably pleasant, sociable person. These are all good displays to have in a general sense.

So as you go through this whole process of increasing your attractiveness this is not just going to influence and benefit your primary relationship, this is going to influence and benefit your life as a whole. People in general will find you more attractive. They will find you more pleasant to be with and will like seeking you out. One of the things that I often find is people will read my books, and learn all this because they’re wanting to improve their marriage, but they often find that their life as a whole improves.

I think that’s it for today. Going to leave it there. Please like, comment, share and most importantly please subscribe and I will talk to you tomorrow and we will go through the six links in the Chain of Seduction like you were meeting someone for the very first time. Talk to you then.

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