#31 Body Agenda and Babies

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol Kay and this is The Chain of Seduction.

Yesterday I said I had a plan for a particular video today, walking through of the six links of the Chain of Seduction as if you were meeting someone for the first time. The video is shot, but longer than I want. Monday is an exceptionally heavy coaching day for me and I’m just not going to get it out in a reasonable amount of time. So that will come tomorrow.

The one thing that I want to tell you today will help explain why we have these three Love Systems in our body. Why our own bodies have an agenda that our rational brains are sort of a passenger to.


Body Agenda

Our own bodies want us to have sex, make and raise happy, healthy babies who will then grow up to adults, who will then have babies of their own, and so on and so on. Our own bodies have this agenda. Now we can decide to have kids or,  not want kids, or not care about kids, or want kids later on. We can decide to have birth control. We can decide all sorts of things in our rational, conscious mind, but our body is always pushing this agenda of find someone, get together, have sex, make a baby and raise it to adulthood and have them do the same thing. Our own bodies are driving the agenda when it comes to meeting people and having sex. The three Love Systems are really tools of that body agenda. And our rational brain in many ways is a tool of that Body Agenda as well.


Anything good for making and raising babies is sexy

If you’re in good physical health, that means you either have good eggs or good sperm. You are going to make babies more easily. If you’re a woman you are going to more easily carry that baby to term. If you are both healthy you are going to have better immune systems, better genetic makeup and you’re going to have happier, healthier children.

If you have a lot of money, you have a lot of resources, you have a nice house, you have a bunch of nice things, well this is all a great environment for making and raising babies. Look at this great nest.

If you’re kind and considerate and affectionate and doting, well this is great for kids too because if you’re kind, considerate and doting to your partner you will probably be the same to the kids. If you have lots of free time and available space well that’s good for them too.

If you’re dressing particularly well, you are displaying that you have all these extra resources to spend on your plumage which means you have extra resources for making and raising babies.


Every step in the Chain of Seduction is ultimately going to be something that is good for making and raising babies. What is sexy is what is good for making and raising babies. I challenge you to look at what people do, how they hold themselves, how they present themselves and you will see that there are all these displays, all this effort into just demonstrating I’m sexy… “Hey, I’d be really good for making and raising babies.”

And that’s the thought for today. Short, sweet, to the point. Please like, comment, subscribe and I will talk to you tomorrow with the thing that I promised you today, tomorrow. Catch you later.

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