#52 Timelapse LOL

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol and this is Relationship Momentum.

So today’s task for me is to catch up on the massive backlog of turning the video transcripts into blog posts. I think I’m up to video 52 and I’m up to number 43 for blogs.

My wife very kindly does the video transcription for me, and you would think taking the transcript and turning it into a blog post would be like snapping your fingers, just cut, paste, bam you’re done. Not so much.

Not so much because the way I speak does not translate really well into the way I write, and I tend to want to have the writing itself be a good experience. Some people are just going to go to the blog and never come to YouTube, and I want them to think that I’m a good writer rather than just cranking out garbage. So each of these videos is about 1000-1500 words and it usually takes me anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes to really break down the editing process and turn a transcript into a good blog post.

At least it’s not as long as writing it all from scratch, but anyway here we go. I have a video time lapse montage-y thing and this is going at twenty times the speed. This was actually 34 minutes of work down to a minute fifty or something. Okay here we go. So I open it all up, grab the transcript, grab the cover art, slap it all into WordPress and then I begin the process of editing.

It’s really taking out a whole bunch of extraneous words. The thats and the alsos and the reallys. I threw in the links to the Attraction and Comfort earlier video’s posts. As you can see I’m trying to turn the transcript into something that’s actually readable, so little subheadings and the highlighting and the misspelling of sensual that I did not catch until I finished the video and went back.

Go go go. This is actually me working pretty quickly. This was a long one. This was about 1500 words. Go go go. It’s kind of relaxing watching this, like if I could work this fast it would be wonderful but I don’t. A lot of it is just trying to shape it into something that is readable and clear and can jump out. And I do two editing passes. One of them I do inside the post editor and then I always have to go back and look at it as a finished post, so this is why I’m jumping backwards and forwards between what is the finished post and the editor, because I just can’t see half of these errors until it looks like a finished post.

So I did that, gotta throw it up on the Facebook. Throw it up on the Twitter, and we are done.

So anyway, that’s about it. I hope you like it. This is something I’m meant to do every single day and I’ve got to do it about another seven or eight times this evening. Go me. Hope you like the video. Like, share, comment, subscribe and all that good internet stuff. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

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