#55 The Power of Intention

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol and this is Relationship Momentum. So today I’m going to talk about I guess myself.

Part of this daily vlog thing is me teaching you guys how to build Relationship Momentum, how to get the marriages and sex lives that you want. But it’s also abut me on the journey of producing all this stuff and spreading it. So part of this vlog is the message and part of it is the messenger.

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer, who died a couple years back. The Power of Intention is one of his better ones and I’ve just started re-reading it again. One of the things that really jumped out at me in chapter one was he had recently had a heart attack, had stents and got blood flow back into his heart. If you’re following the plot, I also had a heart attack about a year ago and got a couple of stents as well. So eerily similar.

The other thing that I didn’t know until I Googled around today, is shortly before he wrote this book his wife left him. Which I had no clue about but there you go. So he had these two massive hits to his life, personality, story, world view, whatever you want to say. Two big hits right before he wrote one of his better works.

That’s inspiring and heartening. I mean if you read the book you don’t get a sense he was having a hard time of things, or was miserable or anything like that. I find that encouraging because I’m not in the greatest physical health I would wish to be in. I just had a very successful weekend of doing about three, maybe three and a half hours of yard work spread over two days. That was huge for me. I’ve had a couple of resting days to recover. I mean this is just the reality of the situation that I’m in.

If you look at his work, after 2004 when he wrote The Power of Intention, he went on to write more than 10 more books in the decade that happened after that. It’s not exactly the midpoint of his career but he went on to be very productive. And again that’s just really heartening. It’s inspiring and fills me with a sense of hope.

Of course the one big thing that I have that he did not, is that I still very much have my wife with me. Life is not perfectly ideal for us now, but she is certainly here and compassionate and supportive through this whole thing. I’m tremendously grateful for that. Tremendously grateful and in many ways my love for her now, is greater than it has ever been. It’s a very, very content time in my relationship while life is busy and hectic and I’m still recovering.

So again this sort of comes back to the idea that you can have life problems and you can have marriage problems and they’re not necessarily the same thing. Right now our relationship is pretty good. Life is hard but we’re coming back from where we were.

So I hope you got something from that. I’m going to say I have no great insights for the day, other than the story isn’t over until you want it to be over. There’s always something more you can do until you reach that final game over and thanks for playing.

So I hope you like the video. Please like, share, comment, subscribe and all that good internet stuff. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

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