Going All In on The Chain of Seduction

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol, talking about marriage, relationships and getting what you want from them. Hmmm… that might be the last time I use that introduction. I’ll explain why as we go.

So I did miss posting yesterday. I spent a lot of yesterday thinking about what exactly I was doing, what I wanted to get from this channel, and how I want to promote and present what I do. The really good news is that the daily vlog process has been very good for me as a person. I’ve put out I think 24 videos over the last 24 days, I missed one day, but there was one day where there were two.

That’s actually a really high rate of production. Literally in one month I’ve put out the same amount of video that I put out almost for the complete Nice Card Mean Card series on Vimeo. Then the videos are transcribed (thanks Jennifer!) and I edit them into blog posts on AtholKay.com. There’s been enough written where I wrote about half the size of The Mindful Attraction Plan book in March only. So I’ve been really productive and I’ve felt better, happier and more focused, which is fantastic.

That being said though, I have a sense everything that I’m putting out is a little bit unfocused and is just mildly negative. I’ve agreed with everything I’ve said because obviously why wouldn’t I, but just slightly mildly negative. A lot of the things I’ve put out have been on reasons why you shouldn’t do something, a pitfall to avoid, careful of this. It’s not quite as positive and forward thinking as I would like it to be.

I’ve breaking Rule Number One of the Ten Rules of Vlogging which is you have to be focused on being positive. You can be negative once in a while but you generally have to be positive. As a great example of purely positive, take something like the Five Love Languages. It’s a very simple tool. Everyone knows what it is, and it’s all happy. It is positive and it is helpful. There’s not too many people that see it and get put off or feel negative about it. And I am, I am just slightly jealous of how popular it is, how everyone knows it and how successful that program is.

Also taking away from the whole Five Love Languages concept is Rule Number Six: One theme or story that defines what your channel is. One thing to do.

Going forward what I’m really going to be focusing on for this channel, and all purpose branding of everything is focusing on The Chain of Seduction model. I think I’ve talked about it once or twice maybe in the past on YouTube, but it’s the core principle that makes the whole Married Guy’s Guide to Wife video series work across it’s 20 hours of content.

At some point I will change my username on YouTube to “Athol Kay- The Chain of Seduction” and here, there and everywhere. On my tombstone, not that I’m immediately worried about that, I actually, I’m bouncing around here. I had a cardiology appointment today and they, mostly, kinda sorta gave me a clean bill of health, as much as any cardiologist will do. Anyway, I’m thinking that on my tombstone is going to be Athol “The Chain Of Seduction” Kay.

If you’re familiar with my work from Married Man Sex Life time, you will still see lots of that in The Chain of Seduction. The Chain of Seduction model is really the evolution of the Married Man Sex Life concepts and the Mindful Attraction Plan concepts merging into something that is far more unified, far more holistic, far more powerful with less pitfalls. Plus there’s extra stuff that I’ve learned all along the way. I mean I’ve been doing this stuff since 2010. I wrote the MMSL Primer in 2011, The MAP book in 2013, The Married Guy’s Guide for Wife in ’15, Nice Card Mean Card in ’16 and going forward from this point I think it will be pretty much all Chain of Seduction everything. I think I’ve learned as much as I need to learn. I just need to get it out there.

So the channel going forward is going to be about The Chain of Seduction and about me promoting The Chain of Seduction, trying to make it famous, trying to help as many people as I can. Putting out as much content as I can so as many people can be helped as possible.  If as a nice side effect I become rich and famous I will bear that cross.

Well let me clarify a little lol. I’m older now. Famous is okay. Rich would be nice. I mean it’s nice to be respected and have people like you and follow your stuff and give you praise and be fans and it’s honestly gratifying. I do appreciate it and I like it. It’s important. But it’s also a little bit of a means to and end at this point. The more people that can be helped, the more of a legacy that I leave, and I’m trying not to be morbid, but the more of a legacy there is the better. Fame is a tool to help people.

All that being said, obviously I’m still getting better. I’m still getting healthier, more focused and productive, and there is a sense where I’m not ready for this. But I also know, if I wait until I’m ready I will never be ready. It will never be done and this will be it. So here we go. Buckle up. I hope you stick along for the ride. I do hope you like, share, subscribe and all that good stuff. I do appreciate the people that have watched and have supported me over all the years. This is what I’m going to do and no stopping. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow about the very beginnings of The Chain of Seduction.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



    • atholkay says

      I need to get the Nice Card, Mean Card book written, and then the next after that is the Chain of Seduction. After that I have more topics on the back burner, but all likely applying the Chain of Seduction to specific more complex than normal problems.

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