How Tyrone Magnus Creates Virtual Friendship

(Edited from the transcript, though to be honest, the video will make more sense and is a heck of a lot funnier if you just watch it lol.)

Hello, beautiful people. My name is Athol. I do a daily vlog video and I like talking about relationships and being part of the YouTube community.

I’ve watched YouTube for a long, long time and before I started this daily vlog series, I came up with a list of ten things that I thought I needed to be part of a daily vlog.

I actually have a list of them up on the wall on the other side of the camera, and no you’re not going to get to see them all. I will mention them as I go through this series. I do like to keep a little bit of mystery, but rule number ten I created for myself was Create Virtual Friendships. The person that really made me think of this and realize how powerful it was is another YouTuber called Tyrone Magnus.

If you know who he is or don’t know who he is, essentially he’s one of the reactors on YouTube where he watches a video, films himself watching it and basically has a reaction to whatever it is he’s watching. In theory this is all very cheap content with no particular skill or ability and there’s a lot of people that don’t like this form of video, but people certainly watch it.

I found myself watching Tyrone Magnus a lot and being sort of confused as to why do I like watching this? It is in theory all very simple. He just watches a video and reacts to it. But there was something there that drew me in and it took me a while to figure out what it is.

When you see it, the trick is so simple but it is so powerful. It’s all about controlling the audience’s eye about where you look. So let’s watch one of his videos and I’ll explain it as we go.

So in this scene, which is how he shoots all his videos, Tyrone is sitting in his chair looking directly at his own laptop. We’re seeing a copy of the video that he is watching. So both Tyrone and the viewer are looking at the exact same spot on the screen, which creates this slightly artificial sense of we’re in the same room together. We might as well be sitting on the same couch with him, and we end up watching the video together.

Now that I’ve shown you the rule working, I’m going to show you another YouTube reactor and you can see how bad it is when they don’t do this. Let me butcher this guy’s name. First name is Robert, nailed it. Last name is Duhaime. They do a lot of reactions as a couple. So here we go.

And let’s stop it here. These guys are really likable people, but as you look at the screen it is just absolutely impossible to know where you’re meant to look. Are you meant to look at the bottom left at the video? Are you meant to look at the top left where he’s looking? Are you meant to look at the top right where she’s looking? Are you meant to look at the bottom right? It’s impossible to know where to look.

I’ve already seen the video of the kid storming in on this guy in this BBC interview and this is exactly the sort of video where I would pick up my laptop, walk across the room to show my wife, hey you’ve got to look at this, and instead of doing that I’m getting to do it with Tyrone Magnus so it becomes this communal experience. It becomes this virtual friendship. And everyone loves being in a community even if those friendships are virtual.

So anyway I’ll leave it there. I hope you liked the video. Please comment, like, share, subscribe and all that good internet stuff and I will catch you next time.

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