If You Have a Coupon it’s Probably Not FOOD.

Hello beautiful people, my name is Athol, YouTuber talking about marriage, relationships and getting what you want from them.

One of the things I’ve really noticed is that the food you eat really affects your health, and your overall health can really have a dramatic impact on your relationship. It is much easier to have a good relationship, or affect your relationship positively, when you’re in good health. If you’re in bad health it requires a little more effort and a little more concentration. So your food definitely impacts your health and your health definitely impacts your relationship.

I want to give you a really simple rule of thumb for when you go to the grocery store, and that is if you have a coupon for it, it’s probably something you probably shouldn’t eat. The reason for that is all the brands of food that are out there that have these coupons, are all coming from these big multinational company brands. The food they’re selling tends to be incredibly processed, high in sugar, high in wheat, high in additives, high in food coloring, and it’s just processed to the point where it’s not a food that is identifiable in nature.

When I talk about a food that’s identifiable in nature, I’m talking about things that are clearly a type of food. As in, this meat is something that’s from a cow. This is from a lamb. This is from a pig, whatever it is. This is a carrot. This is a banana. This is an apple. This is an orange. This is a potato. A food that you could recognize, that your ancient Neanderthal ancestors could recognize as food. They aren’t going to recognize Cheerios as food. They’re not going to recognize corn chips as food.

So, if you have a coupon for it, you know automatically that it’s tied to one of these big brand processed things. The only reason you would buy them is you’re being basically tricked into buying them because they are really cheap. You are getting a good value for them, but it’s really all smoke and mirrors and not actual food. I mean why else why would you pay too much money for something that is processed into non-food.

If you think about the food that’s found in nature, they very rarely have coupons for them. They might be on sale. The grocery store itself might have them on sale, but it’s not often you’re going to get a coupon for it. All the coupons are coming from the big multinational corporations. The local grocery store might have something on sale. So you can see fruit and vegetables on sale, it’s two for one or it’s 50% off or a dollar off that. But it’s done by the grocery store rather than there’s a big multinational corporation that wants you to spend five bucks on something that’s processed to the point of not being food. Let’s not forget that most of it when it’s given to rats and mice in large enough quantities gives them cancer.

So that’s the rule. If you have a coupon for it, it’s probably not food and you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Anyway that’s about it. Going to leave it there. My name is Athol, I hope you like this video. Please like, share, subscribe and all that good internet stuff and I will see you tomorrow.

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