The One About Learning to Edit

Hello there beautiful people, my name is Athol and I’m here to entertain and explain, doing the daily vlogging thing.

So inspiration. Someone who’s inspired me this week to just give it a go and make it all happen, is Geriatric1927.

“I got addicted to YouTube and it’s a fascinating place to go to see all the wonderful videos that you young people have produced. So I thought I’d have a go at doing one myself.”  -Geriatric1927

With an epic 60,000 subscriptions. But hey he was number one and really, if he can do it why can’t anyone else? (Well except for that thing where you’ve got to get an extra 54 million subscribers to beat PewDiePie.)

So what challenged me this week? I broke down and got Camtasia for the first time and I’ve spent fifteen, twenty hours this week just learning to edit video. I’m a little bit stuck behind my desk in the office, and the only way I can create action in the videos is by actually cutting, editing, and keeping things pacey and edgy.

So anyway Friday I published the first vlog video and we will see if it works and whether or not I become a massive YouTube mega, megastar, MEGASTAR.

So Saturday was all about the coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, alrighty coffee. And I had a great comment from Lilleybugglane, and she has a nice channel herself. “Hi Athol, fabulous vlog today. I got to thinking as you were talking, sometimes all the fluff is the lure because the product itself is so basic or blah that the fluff gives the illusion you’re really getting something really special if you paid so much money for it.”

I think that is absolutely true and if you want a really great example of that, just think of all of the music concerts now where people are basically lip syncing to the CD that you already have.

And here’s some amazing behind the scenes action of me making coffee that didn’t make the coffee video. (There’s an epic montage in the video of making coffee lol)

Later on I completely ruined the stay at home mom video that I shot. I ended up with a fifteen minute video where the last seven minutes was nothing but dead air that then finished with five seconds of me clearing my throat at the end. It turned out I had a tiny little piece of video on the clipboard way at the end on the Camtasia line. (The completed video is 8 minutes long.) And I thought if I have to render this whole thing again I’m going to do one more check through and I then added a whole bunch of call-outs which is the little speech bubble things that are in that video.

Screenshot (115)

There is a total of ninety-four video segments and call-outs in that video. And of course now I wish I’d thought of doing all that stuff for the Nice Card Mean Card series that I put out a year ago.

And another nice quote, this from Twitter, from someone called PaJamas. “A fan of your branding. I can talk about you in public.” And that whole thing of being able to be public is a huge, huge thought. I should probably do some sort of video about that in the future to explain advertiser friendly and being shareable and being likable and what that means. That is a great, that is a great idea. Thank you.

Since starting the daily vlog thing there has been a notable increase in people starting to subscribe and there has been a notable increase in the number of people watching. And I get that it is totally small potato stuff but it’s fun. It’s fun to see something working.

So anyway that is about it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for subscribing. It truly means something to me. I really do appreciate it. And if you have questions, thoughts, comments I’m more than welcome to field them. If you have ideas for videos, more than happy to take a look at that too. Like I say, I’m here to entertain and explain and I will catch you next time.

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