Three Monkeys Monday 2-20-17

Hi there, this is Athol with a Three Monkeys Monday video, talking about what I’m up to, my three planned goals for the week coming up and how I did for the last week.

And if you can kind of guess by the sound of my voice, I’m a little bit hoarse as just flu ran through our house. My wife particularly sick, me fairly sick as well, and I really did just lose four or five days of feeling like complete crap. Got all my coaching stuff done, kept things ticking over, but really just wiped out. I’m still recovering from it. So honestly nothing to report on getting the Three Monkeys done from last week.

Which is hugely disappointing because I felt like the weeks leading up to that were very, very good, feeling like I had a lot of momentum. So this week is going to be a repeat of all of the tasks that I had planned for last week, namely I really need to do a bunch of updating for the old blog template. I need to update some of the old coaching forms. I need to do a newsletter. A whole bunch of updating stuff, just a whole bunch of tasks that I’ve left to one side for a while that I really gotta get to.

My second monkey for this week is exactly what the second monkey was last week. I really have to start getting writing on the Nice Card Mean Card set and turn that into a proper book. And that’s going to take me a few weeks to force my way through that. I have 27, 28,000 words already done as a transcript and have a few more ideas to add to it. It’s not really an impossible task to get through so it’s something I’ve really got to focus on.

The third thing I had for last week was to actually have more fun and work on some of the fiction stuff I’m working on. I did do a little bit of that because it was basically relaxing. But for this week I’m just so sick of being sick and cooped up inside, and the weather’s going to be reasonably nice, so I think the third goal is just to get outside, have some fun, walk around the neighborhood and feel like a human being again.

So that’s about it. Updating, a whole bunch of updating stuff, start writing Nice Card Mean Card, get out and have some fun. And like I say, overall I’m actually really enjoying the video content stuff that I’m doing. I do feel like I’m getting into more of a routine. I really do like the book review stuff that I did a couple videos of. One of the things that I will do this week is I will review The Energy Bus which is a really, really good book. So things coming, though.

Alrighty, so let’s keep it short. Like, comment, share, subscribe…all that good internet stuff. And I will catch you next time.

What are your Three Monkeys for the week?



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