Three Monkeys Monday 2-27-17

Hi there, my name is Athol. This is a Three Monkeys Monday video where I talk about the three goals, tasks or assignments I had for the week; whether I succeeded, whether I failed, and what my plan is for the upcoming week.

So last week I had three things, one being a whole bunch of updating on blog and website and all that sort of stuff. Working on the book was number two and number three was getting out, having some fun, exercising and all that stuff.

So let’s start with the good stuff. The good stuff is yes indeed, the weather was wonderful for most of the week. I absolutely did get out, get a lot more exercise in. I did actually have some fun this week. I caught up on the SyFy series The Expanse. Loved it. Very, very good. So that is all working good.

In terms of the Nice Card Mean Card book I always find the hardest part of writing a book is getting through the introduction. Historically I’ve always agonized over an introduction, spent a lot of time on it writing, rewriting, writing, rewriting. Then once I’m through writing the introduction the rest of the book goes extremely smoothly in comparison. Of course once I get to the end of writing the book. I then realize the introduction isn’t right any more and then I write the introduction again. Love it or hate it, that’s my process. The good news is I’ve gone through the writing and rewriting of the introduction, and I’m now at that place where I can sort of start on the book itself. I already have most of it pre-written so it’s going to go smoothly, I think. I hope. I’m sure.

In terms of updating stuff on the blog and coaching forms and all that sort of stuff, did not get to a single thing of it. I have still been sick for most of the week on and off. I might sound a little scratchy. It certainly made shooting videos a lot harder as I break into fits of coughing like three or four times as I shoot them, so not a whole bunch of updating done.

Onto the plan for this week. Number one is I’ve really got to do all that updating stuff. I just have to. So that is still the monkey that will stay existing until I get it done. Number two is obviously continuing on with the book. Number three, I’m happy with the videos I’m putting out but I really want to do a little intro thing that can sit at the front of each of the videos. I do have an idea for it and so basically getting that little five, six second intro montage-y thing together that’s pretty much my third and final monkey for the week.

So that’s about it. (1) A bunch of updating, (2) keep pushing out the Nice Card Mean Card book, and (3) do a trailer intro thingy for the videos.

The videos have been going really well. February has been by far my most productive month for video production, turning into blogs, posting to Facebook that I’ve had for many, many years. So I’m extremely pleased with that.

So those are my Three Monkeys. What are yours? Leave a comment below. Like, share, subscribe and all that good internet stuff. And I will catch you next time.

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